at INTENSE emotions

People who are sensitive could easily realize their wrong doings. Those who are insensitive, couldn’t. And those who are oversensitive tend to overreact on minute things they mistakenly perceive.

You do not need to be told of how you should act. Instead, try to feel how others respond on the way you act and mend it!

If a person is not amenable to constructive criticisms, probably, there’s no other way to refurbish it! It’ll just need space and time in order for learning experiences to pass.. LEARN and DISCERN!

The way you perceive yourself is not an excuse. Don’t set it stable, instead, find ways to grow. Try to accept what they think about you because they’re the audience of yourself and they give you the critique you deserve. Aren’t you going to set it right in order to be the one you should be and to be totally loved by them?

It’s not always the sweet side which is out in the open. Once patience is spoiled, the taste of bitterness is then savored!

Don’t just focus on the consideration you want to gain from others because there’s also a need for you to modify your ways for the better.

We can’t predict how things would happen, when would it be, or what would it be. But just be ready!

All of us went through the bitterness in life, only that, those were on different situations but at the same height. Never compare your experiences with others’ and perceive yourself the way you measure that comparison. No excuses and no limitations as well!

– October 02-03, 2010


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