seeker of SYMPATHY

The opponent always gets the sympathy!

Though she’s not the one who’s responsible for the fault, she’s always seen as the clash initiator. It feels like a thumping pain for her when she already clearly explained her side yet she’s being judged unjustly. The kind of pain that gets deeper into the holes of her heart and spreads systemically.

The jury should take into account what’s right and wrong upon giving the verdict. Behind their cognizant mind is their hidden guilt. Surreptitiously, they have come to realizations of what they had supposed to do and about the wrong they had done but they don’t want to see themselves appear guilt-ridden.

The seeker of SYMPATHY is looking forward that in time, they get to reflect on it and realize everything so eventually they’ll act the way they should for it sets her off to tears whenever she gets to encounter the tribunal moment for the crime she’s not liable of. Ever since, she wasn’t able to experience console from the compassionate and that is why, until now, she’s longing for it yearning to escape from the rails of injustice .



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