Sewn & Shown Last March 2012

It was January 31, 2012 when I first attended my dressmaking class. I enrolled into this vocational course because it is somewhat related to the field I would love to pursue which is fashion designing. Then after a few weeks, I was told by my teacher to join the fashion show of the dressmaking graduates held during their commencement exercises on March 22 because at that time, I already had completed some of the projects.

Sewn & Shown Last March 2012Though I was shy being in front of many people, I had to try strutting the runway so I could show my creations. It was a great feeling to finally be able to put my conception into real production.

Sewn & Shown Last March 2012That morning on the day of the fashion show, I was still trying to get the waist-length blazer done and actually, I was able to attach the sleeves just a few hours before the event. I didn’t think that I’d be able to finish it but I persevered to stick with the look that I wanted and so, I did!

The inner top is a yellow sleeveless shirt. The skirt is semi-balloon cut and shirred. I made it high-waist by putting a shape band and adorned the center with buttons. I mixed black with vibrant-colored pattern to make it look lively.

Sewn & Shown Last March 2012The center back of the blazer has a different fabric which is the one I used in the sleeveless top.

Sewn & Shown Last March 2012The shoes I wore is black with blossom at the side. I’ve worn it many times already. Rusty Lopez shoes really come in good quality because they last long.

It was a fun and fulfilling experience to be able to share my flair in fashion designing and sewing. I would love to see other people wearing my creations as well.


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