Harmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

Harmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

Let me mention first the thigh-high slit because it is well emphasized in this photo. I made this kind of cut because I was inspired by the thigh-high slit gowns worn by Angelina Jolie who for all time looks fabulous and I love her. And for my feet, I wore nude suede wedge shoes which I got from Payless Shoesource.

The plain and fitted cut of satin fabric could highlight your slender and curvaceous waist, if you’re blessed with one.

Harmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

As you walk, there’s a winding and twisting effect on the skirt as it is a serpentine cut. Its upper part has two added layers which are both shirred satin and see-through fabric.

Harmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

I pleated the see-through fabric and attached it to the lace fabric on the upper part of the body from the shoulder down to the breast. I also used the pleated fabric for the turtleneck and the lace fabric for the long sleeves.

And for sparkling effect, the center part of the chest area and the slit are embellished with rhinestones. Thus, there’s no need to wear more accessories and what you just have to put on is a ring that goes with the gown.

Harmonious Tactic of Triple FabricHarmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

The upper back has the same pleated material that I put in front. It’s just that I placed it at the center. I also decorated (with rhinestones and beads) the area where the pleated see-through and satin fabric meet up to make it look more attractive.

Harmonious Tactic of Triple Fabric

For me, this means of combining such materials is experimental.


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