Quarter to Twelve

It’s quarter to twelve here at this point and I can’t sleep. I was actually already lying down on my bed and was trying to make myself fall asleep but I really can’t. Thoughts related to my dream profession kept on popping out of my mind. Maybe this is just anxiety. And I think this might be the only way to lull myself to sleep, blog! I guess, this could tire out my mind.

I was again interrupted by the idea of not liking the work environment of healthcare settings. Though I’m already a registered nurse and I should get used to it plus learn to love my profession, I could still strongly feel that I am not into it. But I have nothing against the medical team and in fact, I salute those who are dedicated to this kind of career.

I’m an artist, an aspiring fashion designer. I would love to be surrounded by creative people and colorful creations, not sick or injured individuals and cadavers. Also, I deem that in choosing your job, you ought to decide on what you think you would enjoy doing even in height of pressure. I think it won’t even give you stress at all if it’s your passion. I hope you already understand some reasons why I continued with my nursing studies. Some are better left unsaid.

When I was attending our review classes for the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam (PNLE), I was asleep most of the time or if not, I draw. Here, I have some evidences.

Quarter to Twelve Quarter to TwelveQuarter to Twelve

I remember my friend’s Paint Studio mobile phone application. I created these photos above using it. Instead of using pencil or ballpen and coloring materials, I just used a stylus. These designs were copied from the notebooks I grabbed from my seatmates. I was taking pleasure in it like I don’t care listening to boring lecturers and uninteresting topics (for me) as well as being able to kill time.

Quarter to Twelve

Another one, I started to doodle this using a pencil. From one outfit, it turned out to be four dolled up ladies. Then, I just traced it with a sign pen to make it unerasable.

Now, I think I’ll go back to bed. Thanks to this blogger moment which made me even groggier..


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