10 Head Female Front Figure

“Fashion is my passion”. This line is sort of a cliche yet it’s totally apt for me. Ever since, I maneuver pens to illustrate those uniquely chic garments my mind could envisage but I only thought of it as just a leisure pursuit before. As time went by, I realized that I really want to convert this pastime into a profession. The field where I desire to be may be far from my tertiary educational attainment which is Bachelor of Science in Nursing and my license will be put to waste, nevertheless, it’ll be worth it. I would never wanna grow old being in the state of despair because I didn’t try to accomplish what I aspire for.

June, the back-to-school month. Maybe some hate this time of the year since their vacay moments end here. On the contrary, this is my awaited month since I am taking another step towards a career in the fashion industry subsequent to finishing my Dressmaking vocational course that I took just after the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam. What’s more, I’m taking my Fashion Design studies at SoFA Design Institute  which is one of the best institutions here in the Philippines.

10 Head Female Front FigureOwn Drawing

10 Head Female Front FigureHandout

On my first day of school which was on the 10th of June, I attended the Basic Illustration class. As shown in the picture above, each of us had to draw a 10 Head female fashion figure as many as we can until we master it basing on the handout that was given to us. When I began to try on the first grid, I did it using lighter strokes. I  used a 6H Staedtler pencil but I edited the photo applying an Auto Fix effect to produce a vivid image.  Although I wasn’t practicing my sketching skills that much recently, I’m glad that I was able to create a good one and actually received a compliment from my professor.

This blog existed since the year 2010 and I wasn’t active for almost six months due to my busy  schedule but we’re required to have a digital portfolio so I’m updating my posts and will keep on doing this because I love to express myself through writing.


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