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mga diperensya  sa chura

tani hapos lang mabura

para qualified man pang-rampa

galing maskin anu pa ka-paderma

epekto sang bulong la chansa

kag panu na lang ang mga wala kwarta

indi gid sila ya kapa-konsulta

hai.. anu na lang ni bala!?


S.H.U.T. U.P.!

Shut up! if your words aren’t worth the price to pay.

Shut up! if you don’t have something good to say.

Shut up! if you feel like you’re gonna flay.

Shut up! if your point isn’t in a ray.

Shut up! if you think you might be the cause of delay.

Shut up! so as not to turn one’s mood to gray.

Shut up! if you can’t do it in a nice and polite way.

Shut up! if you’ll just ruin someone’s day.

Shut up! Please, coz that’s the best way!

See How Uplifting it is To Utter Positively!

domineer over your own triumph

“Sometimes, we tend to blame something or someone for what we have not become or what we haven’t accomplished. But try to think it over, then you’ll realize that it would just depend on how you manage circumstances. -Grit your teeth and trudge through the mountain of obstacles until you reach your zenith.”

suicidal attempts (T_T)*

no more excruciation that hits into your pounding heart

no more nuisance that’s stirs up your anxious mind

no more fury that bursts within your exasperated soul

no more crocodile tears seen falling from your gloomy eyes holds you off from woes you’ve been enduring all throughout end to your so-called meaningless life*

“that’s how some deemed it to be”

-May 25, 2009

fed up with drudgeries


not a single day with no toiling

every hour has an ample chore

each minute would seem like a snap of adversity

and as a second hits the clock, crams knock!

..24/7 would seem like a spinning wheel of school-associated hurdles

and it feels like being in the state of incapability ‘to carry on’ related to unremitting task of mugging up and delving into assigned topics as manifested by lethargy and stupor..

-May 08, 2009