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Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013

Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013

Every 1st of January, there’s a fireworks display to look forward to in our city. Even in other places, they have this as part of welcoming the new year.

Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013

I love to see sparklers in the sky especially when all I can see above are those because it gives me a galactic feel. But let me exclude the handheld fireworks that are played by mostly children we’ve seen on the streets. It’s dangerous! I don’t wanna see people having their body parts missing or injured.

Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013

Some are revealed like bloom that booms. It looks more amazing when it starts to emit from a higher area, then gets bigger, then comes down, and eventually seems to be closer to you.

Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013Tick of Pyrotechnic for 2013

Oh how I wish my twenty-thirteen would also gleam this way so I could always have a beam on my face. Okay! I’m keeping up the positive vibes.




This photo was taken earlier today and maybe you’re wondering why this photo was inserted into this post. It’s just that I was thinking of writing about a rainy 31st of December but I realized it would just spoil the New Year atmosphere. Anyway, let’s look on the brighter side.

I went to the mall to buy cake for New Year’s Eve and find some other stuff for the occasion. Because it was a last-minute buying, most of the stores had their cakes sold out. Still, it was lucky for me to find one.


Felicia’s Chocolate cake. The table should have this because I love sweets, especially cakes and ice creams. I always crave for those.

As I am writing this, it’s a few minutes before the year ends and what I’m craving for since this morning is SWEETS for NEW YEAR'S TREAT

It may not be the coffee almond cookies flavor which is my favorite (unavailable) but it still tastes good and is needed by my sweet tooth. I can’t wait to consume all those that will be served on the table. Happy New Year!

Two Sleeps Til 2013

2012 has been a rough yet enjoyable year for me because despite all the tribulations I was confronted with, I remained tough and still found a lot of reasons for jubilation.

Firstly, I’m glad that I survived the challenges of being a nursing student to being a registered nurse. The decision of continuing my education on this field wasn’t a remorseful thing for me because I gained a lot of knowledge and had loads of fun experience all throughout my schooling. Our related learning experiences were full of adventure since we had many out-of-town duties. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I didn’t quit the course though I’m not truly dedicated to it; I just love to travel. Besides, this is where I found more friends, those kind of people whom I really hang out with. Meet them!

Two Sleeps Til 2013 Two Sleeps Til 2013

These photos above were taken last December 2011 when we stayed at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo for our Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam. And Thank God, I passed! If I didn’t, I think I wouldn’t be allowed to carry on with my Dressmaking vocational course which I already finished.

Two Sleeps Til 2013

I also received a medal during our graduation day, which was held on December 16, 2012, for being one of the most outstanding students in our dressmaking class.

Working as a nurse in healthcare institutions may not ensue because I am now firm with my choice. I really wanna pursue my passion and enjoy the rest of my years practicing my dream profession. I am positive that I will be a fashion designer someday.

Next year will be a new chapter and I’ll be tackling it with no fear. 2013, PLEASE BE GOOD! 🙂