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Pace on Faces

Pace on FacesOwn Drawing

Pace on FacesHandout

Pace on FacesOwn Drawing

Pace on FacesHandout

Sketching the face requires much effort than doing the other body parts. You have to be careful so you could accomplish the gender that you’re supposed to show whether it’s a female or a male since you have to emphasize either the femininity or masculinity. Whenever I design clothes before, most of the models in my illustrations had blank faces because I was afraid that I might just mistakenly do those and would ruin the impact of the outfits. Hence, it’s a good thing that I learned techniques in class.


Let’s Put The Shoes On

Let's Put The Shoes OnOwn Drawing

Let's Put The Shoes OnHandout

Let's Put The Shoes OnOwn Drawing

Let's Put The Shoes OnHandout

Aside from being items intended to protect and comfort the feet, shoes also serve as accessories that complete our clothing style. They are part of fashion that’s why it is also necessary for a designer to have them illustrated properly since it will affect the anticipated look of the total outfit. But before that ofcourse, you have to master or at least just be good in drawing the feet since the way you do the shoes depends on the movement of the feet.

The Feet

The FeetOwn Drawing

The FeetHandout

The counterpart of the hands are the feet and drawing those properly in whatever motion they have is also an important thing since how the feet move affects the body’s movement as well as the gesture of the hands.

The Hands

The HandsOwn Drawing

The HandsHandout

Proper sketching of the hand movements is one thing that we should learn as well since it gives impact on the posture of the fashion figure. If all the body parts are drawn correctly and agree with the flow of the garment, it’s a perfect illustration!

Lateral Male Figure

Lateral Male FigureOwn Drawing

Lateral Male FigureHandout

So here’s the male figure on a lateral view using the 9 heads. I think I’m better with manly faces than the feminine ones. Nevertheless, I have to work on improving my sketch of a woman’s face.

Lateral Female Figure

Lateral Female FigureOwn Drawing

Lateral Female FigureHandout

For a change but still using the 10 heads, here comes the lateral view of the female figure. The process of drawing this isn’t like the front and back versions anymore since you don’t have to harmonize the right and left sides. ┬áThe difficult part in doing this is the face because I had the tendency to come up with a monkey face. Haha

10 Head Female Back Figure

10 Head Female Back FigureOwn Drawing

10 Head Female Back FigureHandout

Before I forget, by the way, this is the female back figure I tried to draw using 10 heads. I’m done with front and back figures just┬ástanding straight and I wanna accelerate into high fashion poses. Well, I understand, it’s a step by step process and I’m looking forward to it.